What’s The Best Portable Bathroom Heater in 2020?

Bought the wrong heater? Need help selecting the best portable bathroom heater? Well, don’t sweat it. We’ve tried and tested many heaters and we’ve created this guide in 2020 to help you find the perfect one.

What You Should Know When Finding the Best Portable Bathroom Heater

You’re bathroom is cold and you need to warm it up. The first question you might ask yourself is “Can heaters even be used in a bathroom?”.

The short answer is, yes, you can definitely use a heater to heat up your room. But you have to be careful when choosing the perfect one.

For whatever reason, you might not have heating in your house, there might not be enough vents to heat up the room, or you just want it to be warmer. In cases like these buying a portable heater would be useful.

Additionally, you probably have a few more questions about the advantages, types, size, characteristics, and which one will work best for your bathroom. When choosing a heater, safety comes first. Not every portable heater will be appropriate for your bathroom, but specialized heaters are particularly designed to fit effortlessly in specific spaces, while also being able to use it in damp or wet environments with safety features.

In search for the best portable bathroom heaters, we must first see the various types, as all heaters may not be compatible with your bathroom environment. In this guide, we will review top brands that you can consider before making your purchase. Just stick around till the end and find out which heater works best for you.

Top 6 of the Best Portable Bathroom Heaters

Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

Best Portable Bathroom Heater

Without a doubt, one of the best portable bathroom heaters is the Lasko CD08200. and it’s definitely worth considering. It’s compact, flexible and has the ability to fit in any bathroom. It is easy to use, and requires no installation. Additionally it has the perfect configuration for bathrooms with limited space thanks to its small footprint.

One of the major advantages about a portable heater is that you can use it whenever and wherever you want. On the other hand, one of the significant downfalls about portable heaters is their limited range, making it quite difficult to reach larger areas. Fortunately, this is not the case for the Lasko model. This unit has the largest overall coverage compared to all others on this list. This small heater is more than capable to cover a big bathroom, allowing you to keep it warm.


  • Despite its size, the heater is strong enough to provide warmth and comfort. More than enough to heat up your master bathroom.
  • Can cover areas up to 225 cubic feet. 
  • Includes a low and higher power mode! 
  • Included panel allows you to regulate the heater. 
  • In case of overheating, the system will automatically shut off.
  • To avoid potential danger, the exterior stays cold so you can stay safe.


  • The heater does not contain a filter that prevents dust build-up which may affect performance overtime. However, it comes with a warranty and not many users experienced this issue. It’s also easy to clean.

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Home Choice Small Ceramic Space Heater Electric Portable Heater

Home Choice Heater

The Small Ceramic Space Portable Heater is a large heater that covers up to 1200 sq ft. This unit offers different heat and temperatures settings ranging between 40°F to 90°F or (4˚C to 32˚C) . This heater is amongst the most efficient space heaters helping you save energy and lower cost of usage. It has also been known to have a longer life cycle (you won’t have to replace as fast).

The unit turns off automatically due to its two sensors which prevent overheating, which is very useful. Moreover, the unit can be operated remotely (easy to use) and is easily portable with the included wheels at the foundation. In fact, you can use this to heat up multiple bathrooms.


  • With the adjustable thermostat control, the heater will ensure your room stays warm to the specific degree you like.
  • Ceramic spaces heaters like this one can heat quickly, produce an abundance of heat without open coils and can last for a long time. 
  • The length of the cable is approximately six feet long (perfect for a bathroom)
  • Ceramic Heaters have more advanced heating capabilities compared to traditional heaters.


  • Must ensure that the plug and socket match correctly for the unit to function properly.

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Pro Breeze Space Heater

Pro Breeze Bathroom Heater

The Pro Breeze Space Heater is lightweight and makes for a great fit for your bedroom heater. The easy to use pins on the top allow you to select between various heat and fan power modes.

Despite its small appearance, it heats the environment in a matter of seconds. In the case of overheating, the auto-extinguishing mechanism shuts off the device automatically or reverses the device to ensure the safety of the users.

It’s one of the best portable bathroom heaters on the market. Its adjustable temperature, excellent safety features and an appealing price make it a good option.


  • Faster and more efficient ceramic heating elements than traditional heaters.
  • The temperature around you is controlled by a simple and completely adjustable thermostatic control for optimal heating efficiency.
  • Built-in overheating and anti-overheating mode, turns off the heater automatically in an uncertain situation.
  • The lightweight nature makes it ideal for use in house, dorms and offices and allows the heater to be transported to wherever you most want it.


  • Inaccurate thermostat sometimes can throw off the heating environment. However, this is not always true, just depends on the unit that you order.

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FFDDY Space Heater

FFDDY Space Heater

The FDDY space heater is ideal for bathroom use. It incorporates a back air induction grill design with effective wind reduction and noise reduction capabilities built in.

Such a compact and efficient portable heater really does help reduce the amount of electricity used. The compact size is designed to give effective and uniform warmth distribution. Keep warm and comfortable in almost any room when you pick up this handheld ceramic heater during bad weather conditions.  

As a bonus, it also comes with a 1-year satisfaction guaranteed warranty!

One piece of advice though. If you’re near a bathtub or toilet, do not use this heater. By this we mean, not putting it RIGHT beside the tub. Unplug the heater, wait for 30 minutes to cool down, then reset the heater if the automatic overheat is shut. Ensure that the heater is placed on hard and flat surfaces.  Do not cover the radiator to prevent overheating.


  • 3 Setting modes High heat 1500W/ low heat just 750W/ fans only 10W, suitable for all seasons, particularly during chill months of the year.
  • Lightweight & handles. Designed to be placed anywhere!
  • PTC Ceramic Heating technology.
  • Energy saving, high safety, low heating costs, long service life and fast heat conduction


  • The thermostat can only switch between the modes identified above. It is not adjustable to specifically your needs.

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Homeleader Portable Space Heater

Homelander bathroom heater

For a cold winter night, this portable heater is a “quick fix.” In a few seconds, the ceramic heating PTC plate begins to heat the air. This heater comes with a security handle that allows the heater to be collected easily and transferred from one room to another. Never ever again do you have to step out of the shower feeling cold!

A safety tip-over feature is installed, which means that the heater automatically switches off if it’s overheated . You may adapt the heater to the desired level, high, low or only fan. The Homeleader space heater is the best choice for your everyday lives, not just to provide you with a warm and cosy environment, but also to save you time and money. Ceramic warmth adds fast warmth with fan-driven delivery, and this small but powerful heater can take the chill out of your room with a comfortable heat of about 1500 watts. 

It also has a large fan design and high-efficiency convection air. The oscillating solution helps improve heat dispersion in various directions. Overall, we recommend it as part of our best portable bathroom heater series reviews.


  • User-friendly
  • Choose from 3 thermostats settings 
  • Easy to lift and move around safely


  • Looks rough
  • Does not support Infrared
  • May take longer time to heat larger bathrooms (better for smaller area)

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Pop V Heater

Portable Bathroom Heater Pop V

This portable bathroom header is made for your bathroom and other small spaces. It’s made to minimize winding and noise reduction effectively. Stay warm and comfortable in your room with efficient and lower heating costs. As well, this portable space heater has a tip-over protective switch that shuts off the heater if it accidentally crashed to prevent accidents. The indoor heater also comes with a built-in chilly handle and other high-quality components. For example, the unit comes with a nichrome wire. It provides efficient heat transfer combined with the fan and other heat elements.


  • The PTC material acts as its own sensor in the small space heater, thereby eliminating overheating risk.
  • The Tip-Over Security would turn off the bathroom heater. 
  • Designed for use in close proximity. 
  • The compact design allows you to move the heater to your bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.


  • Replacement parts are not available a lot of the times. As such, you might have to replace the whole unit if anything goes wrong.

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What to look for when finding the best portable bathroom heater?

There are a number of important factors to take into account when looking for the best portable bathroom heater. We’ll look at some of the most important things you can consider as you try to find the appropriate heater to suit your needs from the heating position to the features it provides.

  • The Heater Type

First and foremost, you can choose from a number of different types of heaters. Whether you want an inexpensive heater that can just take your bathroom away if you wake up or install a luxurious and looks great heating system, there will be a model that suits your eyesight.

  • Cost of the Heater

It is important to know how costly each heater type can be; most people have a tight budget.

When you choosing the right heater, an electric heater or a portable heater is the cheapest option. These are great choices for smaller bathrooms. You can however, find that they do not suit your needs if you have a larger space to cover. You might need to consider getting an actual heater installed.

  • Location of Bathroom Heater

You will have to consider where you can mount the heater when you determine which is the right heater for your bathroom. Not all heaters of the bathroom are suitable for each bathroom, and therefore your bathroom should be checked before you decide. Check to see if you have space somewhere away from the sink of the bathtub to place your heater. You might even consider getting a wall mount stand to place the heater there.

The Benefits of Buying a Portable Heater

Portable space heaters are becoming popular day after day because they are easy to move around, as they can be delivered in different sizes, and most are equipped with adjustable heaters that allow us to set the heat we want. During these chilly days, they keep us warm, and some portable heaters work throughout the year as they also have a summer cooling system.

Apart from being warm, there are other benefits to including the heater in your home while you get out of the bath.

Steam Control: A bathroom heater is useful for managing steam build-up on mirrors while working alongside a bathroom ceiling fan.

Humidity control: Along with the steam inspection, a bathroom heater also springs water on walls, foundation boards, faucets, lamps and a shower curtain, making a bathroom faster to dry up. 

Health improvement: A portable heater improves overall health by improving cardiovascular circulation. Added heat is an important advantage for acute, sore muscles and joints as well.

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, the goal was to find the best portable bathroom heater for you. Hopefully, we’ve helped accomplish that.

Portable heaters are a blessing, especially during today’s day and age. Not many people are using the traditional heater and so a portable heater is much easier to buy according to your requirements. We hope that our readers will benefit from this list of the best portable heaters in 2020 and that you can make a positive decision for yourself.

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