What’s The Best Portable Massage Chair?

Want a perfect massage experience for your customers? Well, finding the best portable massage chair is crucial.

Portable massage chairs, because of their versatility and their capacity to allow a massage therapist to take their office on the road, have become very popular with massage therapists over the last decade.

The design of the chairs is very different from traditional ones, and the variations should be made clear. In this in-depth review, we discuss those discrepancies more closely and try to explain how pick the perfect massage chair for yourself and your customers.

Reviews of the Best Portable Massage Chairs

A portable massage chair is ultimately very powerful as it allows you to travel to multiple locations. Need to change up the location of the massage in your house? Need to go to a client’s house to give the massage? Travelling? No worries, a portable massage chair will help you perfectly. See below for an overview of our recommended portable massage chairs.

Master Massage Professional Chair

Best portable massage chair

The Master Massage chair is lightweight but incredibly durable, flexible, and extremely comfortable with a cup-lift adjustable to the neck, arms resting, chest pads and removable kneeling pads.

This chair is the newest Rio Portable Massage chair. The design and high-end materials in the Aircraft Grade Aluminium ensure durability and safety. Furthermore, it’s designed with a specialized cushioning system and it’s ergonomic design provide superior comfort for your customers!

The Rio chair is above all, extremely portable. It folds in a very compact size and is built in a baggage style so that it is easy to transport. From our experience, people have only said positive things about this chair. The only caution required is that it requires some practice to fold it back up. With time, however, you should be all good!

It is also necessary for your customers to relax their legs by a ported massage chair with a well-padded area. If you sit in a portable massage chair, your visitors will usually be kneeling in place, and you will know how awkward this might be if you’ve ever kneeled on something with minimal padding. It is essential to ensure that your massage chair in this leg rest area is lined extra to provide maximum comfort for your clients.

Overall, this is our pick for the best portable massage chair that you can buy this year.

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Comfort 4 Portable Chair

Affordable Massage Chair

This massage chair is designed especially for medical use and suitable for homes and offices. The chair is so compact that it can quickly be moved from place to place; it is strong enough to hold up to 300lbs of weight.

The chair is lined with high-density foam, making it more customer-friendly.  The structure is electrostatically coated with powder to maintain the quest fresh for many years to avoid corrosion, nicks and scratches.

The best part? It effortlessly folds to transport to your destination and it’s also very easy to pack.

Furthermore, the chair itself is quite comfortable with a lot of padding to avoid pain. In fact, it’s lined with extraordinarily thick and flexible padding, 2.5 “thick high-density sponge to protect the whole body. It’s also very adjustable. For example, you can adjust the covers, the leg pads, hand rests, etc. Adjustable corners and paddles make the massage chair more comfortable.

The chair has a sturdy oxford bag, folds the massage chair and holds it wherever possible. It is very easy to install, unfold the massage chair, set the headrest up, and in just 5 minutes you can have a relaxing massage. The headrest can be tailored for personalized comfort, height and angle, and gives you a relaxed massage experience with its adjustable nature for the faces and neck curves of different customers.

The only negative we could find about this product was its weight; it was a bit heavy to carry from one place to another. However, it comes with a bag which makes it easy to carry. 

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Earthlite Vortex

Earthlite developed a sleek, compact and lightweight portable massage chair. This is possibly the lightest chair ever, using an unbelievably strong oval-tube aluminium frame which weighs just 15lbs. The Earthlite Vortex portable massage chair will be provide for the equipment a massage therapist could potentially use.

It folds comfortably, has a sturdy nylon truck with a shoulder strap and has a sternum stencil. The chair, measuring 29″x 19″x 51, weighs literally 15 pounds, making it one of the lightest of the portable massaging chairs we’ve tested, setting the standard for portability. 

In terms of capacity, it can hold up to 300 pounds of user weight. The Vortex is also filled with cloud comfort and foam padding throughout is very generous. Additionally, it also has a high-quality PU Naturesoft proprietary upholstering, which stands up to the rigours of everyday use and transports better than you could ever imagine.

Regarding adjustment capabilities, the Earthlite Vortex massage chair is continuously praised for its speed and ease of manoeuvrability that helps you to adapt the seating experience to the needs of every customer. For accessories, the portable massage chair kit from Earthlite Vortex includes an additional sternum pad and a duffle-style zipped bag, which simplifies the movement of this lightweight piece of equipment. One thing to consider is that the armrest sits slightly low, depending on the size of the user using it.

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NRG Grasshopper

A top quality service for a very light, powerful and simple massage begins with the NRG Grasshopper Massage Chair. The Grasshopper massage chair provides power and ease of adaptation, as well as an easy setup process.

Weighing in at just 18 pounds, the Grasshopper is still able to handle 300 pounds of working weight. The seat, chest, head and armrests are all fully padded and extremely adjustable. Each package contains the portable massage chair as well as the bag to carry it in.

The Grasshopper chair is designed to show that the easiest concept is often the best solution. The characteristics of a high quality portable massage chair include its strength, ease of installation and adaptation and ease of transport. The Grasshopper provides skilled massage therapists with an extremely light, durable and easy solution for the massage starting with high-quality aircraft grade aluminium.

It is very easy to set up as well. Stretch out the head arm, lift the seat in the correct high slot and position the counter. Remove and open headrest toggle. Change the height and angle of the headrest to provide comfort.  Relax the arm and place the bracelet clamp firmly in one of the three adjustment positions. Relax your customer’s chest and move to the correct height. Click the button in order to release.

Other than all its good features, it is said by some of the users that its screws loosen up very quickly with daily use.

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 Earthlite Avila

The Earthlite Avila Portable Massage Chair is built for portability and customers of all lengths and weights. It’s very lightweight and offers an exceptional match for both the therapist and the client. Eartlite is one of our recommended vendors when it comes to finding the best portable massage chair!

The highly skilled team of engineers has developed an extraordinarily strong and extremely flexible carbon composite frame with a proprietary centre pivot change. The massage chair design accommodates consumers easily from, ranging from small sizes to very large sizes, and makes it easy to move so that the therapist is working ergonomically.

The chest pad slides and tilts, the face of the cage is completely adjustable and the bracelet is adaptable, making the Avila one of the best portable massage chairs on the market. It also comes with a spacious seat, flexible covers, and the Natursoft upholstered and commercial-grade coatings guarantee optimal comfort for the consumer.

The complete package includes the Avila massage chair, a face pillow cloud fill, and a rough, urethane-traveling wheel ballistic nylon case design.

Furthermore, the chair is very compact weighing just 22 lbs. Another thing you can be reassured about is that Earthlite is the leading global manufacturer of massage devices and therefore, you’ll also get a generous lifetime warranty. This massage chair is the most advanced massage chair in the world. It’s built to be amazingly flexible. It has been built ergonomically and is extremely configurable.

The configuration of the legs and seats and the corners of the chair is built carefully to ensure the optimal wrist distribution through enhanced comfort and support. The newly designed Soft Support coating system, packed up with upholstery, offers both for you and your customer a new era of comfort and durability.

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The HOMCOM massage chair contains solid metal, high quality PU leather cover, revamped aluminium face cup base, a flexible headrest, armrests and seat. This is also great to use in all sorts of rooms. It is suitable for home, fitness centre and business use.

Included inside is a sturdy black bag just like the other chairs we’ve reviewed. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable deluxe headrest, seat and bracelet updated to more body shape choices. It includes a 3-inch thick chest pad, face beret, sitting area, bracelet and knee board, offering sooth relaxation and full support against wobble and squeaking-free metal.

Many people have had good experiences with this chair and some did not. Sometimes the bench can be seen to wobble a lot, the chest area can be shaky, the face rest can be very hard to secure, and the rest of the pillow is twisted, so that it is not sticking to a Velcro. In general, however, it’s quite comfortable and would be of good use to most therapists.

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Who Would Buy a Portable Massage Chair?

Well, now that we’ve helped you decide what the best portable massage chair is, let’s talk about who they’re for.

Portable massage chairs are the keystone of massage therapy operations out-of-call. If you want to be there or if you are a travel therapist, then it is a must-have to have a good quality lightweight massage chair! A massage chair can be an excellent tool for top body work, back, neck and head massage. Arms and back are a little harder to work with a massage chair and, if you want to focus on legs so lower body, you have no doubt a great outcome with a massage table.

Nevertheless, they make very good choices because of a simple handling and light weight of a chair. There are other people as well who could use such a chair. For example, tattoo artists and dentists also use these chairs for their clients.

Verdict on Finding the Best Massage Chair?

Find out what you need when you choose your massage chair. It could be a mistake to concentrate only on the cost. Many of these chairs, while expensive, are worth the long term investment.

A good portable massage chair has to deliver the best value for money you are investing, is lightweight but powerful, durable and comfortable. We provide you with some detailed reviews so you can find high quality, well-priced chairs in the massage industry, from heavy to light weight.

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